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Sterile ready-to-use pharmaceutical cartridges

Compatible with a wide range of devices, SCHOTT Cartridges safely store and administer drugs in highly accurate doses in a broad range of medical situations. From dental anesthetics to sensitive biologic drugs such as insulin, this highly stable primary packaging offers reduced drug-container interaction, efficient container processing, high device compatibility and reliable point-of-use performance.

Using decades of experience in pharmaceutical containers, SCHOTT Cartridges combine tight dimensions and premium surface quality, as well as high compatibility with a range of filling lines. Whether standard or customized, SCHOTT Cartridges offer a range of options for your exact requirements.


• Made with Type I FIOLAX® borosilicate tubing.
• Dimensional and cosmetic AQL levels in accordance with market standards.
• Compatible with laser-G17 high-speed filling lines.
• Customizable according to your requirements.
• Produced in a cGMP environment.


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