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Prefillable sterile COC infuse syringes for infusion therapies

SCHOTT TOPPAC® infuse syringes answer the demand of the healthcare industry for prefillable polymer syringes that are ideal for infusion therapy. Compatible with a wide range of syringe pumps and IV devices, TOPPAC® infuse ensure that the right amount of a drug is administered in the right concentration at the right time.

Made from an advanced COC material, the infuse syringes offer high stability and excellent barrier properties, with very low quantity of free silicone ensuring consistent gliding forces. Eliminating the need for a manual multi-step preparation process, TOPPAC® infuse syringes reduces human error and improves patient safety.


  • SCHOTT TOPPAC® infuse syringes are made from the highest quality COC material, which is inert and stable for a broad range of solutions.
  • Reduced time for drug administration and preparation steps results in a significant reduction in medical errors.
  • Syringes delivered in ready-to-use packages in a range of volumes: 20 ml, and 50 ml.
  • Available as a complete syringe system with plunger and plunger rod.
  • SCHOTT Pharma has a proven track record in pharmaceutical packaging and is registered in more than 90 countries.


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